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Title: Swivel
Author: [livejournal.com profile] kat_lair / Mistress Kat & [livejournal.com profile] pushkin666
Fandom: Strictly Come Dancing RPS
Pairing: Craig Revel Horwood/Bruno Tonioli
Rating: NC-17
Wordcount: 1,200 words

Summary: Craig needs relaxing, Bruno would love to help!

Author notes: Finally finished so posting here for posterity. This was written with alternative drabbles, each section 100 words, hence formatting to mark pov changes.


Craig is closed off and tense tonight and Bruno isn't sure why. He's tried flirting with him to no avail. In the end he resorts to being as annoying as possible when Craig talks about swivels, only for Craig to respond with "I'll swivel you".

It's so rare for Craig to actually snap like that on air that Bruno subsides a little with shock.

Not that he would mind that; being swivelled around and pushed against the nearest flat surface. Having Craig’s large hands on him.

If nothing else it would certainly relax Craig and that’s not a bad thing.


Snap Turn

Craig barely waits for the ‘off-air’ signal before yanking his mic out and stalking backstage. He’ll apologise later for missing Sunetra’s send-off but now he needs a stiff drink and some solitude.

It is not to be.

“Wait!” Bruno walks after him, all waving hands and anxiety.

“Leave it,” Craig says through gritted teeth just as they reach his dressing room, Bruno following in.

“Or what?” he asks, belligerently.

And that’s the last drop. “I told you already,” Craig says. He grabs Bruno’s wrist and twists it behind his back, pushing him face first against the closed door. “Didn’t I?”


Ball Change

“Bastardo,” Bruno swears as he hits the door hard.

Craig is a looming presence behind him, and Bruno tries to pull his wrist out of Craig’s grip to no avail. All that happens is that Craig twists his arm even higher up his back, fingers digging into his skin and hopefully leaving a mark.

It hurts but Bruno’s lizard brain doesn’t care about that. All it cares about right now is that finally… finally Craig has him pressed up against a hard surface and he can feel himself beginning to harden.

“Don’t…” his treacherous mouth gasps out. “Don’t stop Craig.”



Bruno’s request hits him a like a fist to the solar plexus and Craig gasps, almost doubling over from the sharp tug of desire, pupils dilating so fast everything goes lust hazy for a second or two.

“Fuck,” he breathes out, lips brushing the back of Bruno’s neck.

“Yeah,” Bruno says and incredibly he sounds like he’s smiling, happy, as he drops his head forward, giving Craig better access.

If that’s not an invitation, Craig doesn’t know what is, and it would be frankly impolite not to accept. He presses his mouth to Bruno’s exposed neck and bites down, hard.


Natural Turn

Bruno cries out loud as Craig’s teeth clamp down, biting him and no doubt marking the skin. He sags against the door as Craig presses up behind him, his cock hard against his arse.

Bruno pushes back, enjoying the feel of Craig against him. Craig stops biting him and Bruno whines as he brushes his lips over the back of Bruno’s neck. He shivers at the touch and Craig laughs.

“More,” Bruno gasps out and Craig laughs again.

“Well if you insist,” he says and then pushes his hand around Bruno and Bruno stills as it reaches between his legs.


Hand to Hand

Somewhere at the back of his mind the enormity of what he’s doing is clamouring for attention but Craig ignores it, cupping Bruno’s erection through the fine wool of his trousers. In the circle of his arms Bruno is rigid, trying to hold himself still, breathing shallow and stuttering.

The moment stretches, neither of them moving for three long heartbeats. Then finally Bruno slowly brings his own hand to cover Craig’s. For a second he thinks Bruno is going to push him away, but instead Bruno drags Craig’s hand to his belt, their fingers tangling as the buckle falls open.


Open Break

There’s a moment of fumbling and then Craig’s hand is inside Bruno’s trousers, rough against Bruno’s cock.  His fingers caress Bruno’s cock and Bruno’s hips buck at Craig’s touch.

Bruno moans as Craig pulls his cock out, his large palm cradling Bruno’s cock. It feels fucking amazing and his toes curl up at the warm touch of Craig’s hand. He’s doesn’t quite believe this is happening.

Craig begins to move, palm dragging over the warm flesh.  Bruno keeps his hand on Craig’s fingers tangling with his, warm on his hardness.  It feels so good he doesn’t want it to end.


Open Hip Twist

Craig presses his open mouth to the side of Bruno’s neck, staring down to where Bruno is fucking his fist, cock slick enough with precome to make the slide smooth and effortless. He can smell Bruno’s arousal, and his own, the sharp musk of it lying heavy in the air, coating his tongue with every inhale.

Bruno’s hips are rolling in earnest now, each clever twist pressing his arse against Craig’s own erection, still painfully trapped under clothing. He thinks about pulling himself out, about pushing Bruno’s trousers fully down, about spreading his cheeks and… But no, that can wait.


Running Finish

Bruno knows that he’s close to coming.  It’s been a long time since he’s been this quick off the mark but being slammed against a wall has always been one of his go to kinks. And of course this is Craig, who Bruno has wanted for years and it is no wonder he’s feeling like this.

Craig continues to press kisses on his neck and Bruno pushes faster into his fist. “Craig,” he gasps. “I…” but his words are cut off as Craig twists his hand just right and then Bruno is swearing as he comes, over their joined hands.



Craig eases Bruno through his orgasm, slowing down his strokes and letting his grip grow loose. Bruno slumps against him, warm and pliant, trusting Craig to support his weight. It’s that more than the sex, more even than the sense of control Bruno’s eager surrender has granted him that makes the last of Craig’s anger leech out. He’s still turned on, wants to leave marks all over Bruno’s body, to hold him down and fuck him but something makes him hesitate.

So when Bruno turns around, his lust clumsy fingers tugging at Craig’s belt, he stops him. “Wait,” Craig says.


Time Step

Craig’s hands are tight on his wrists and Bruno stills, stops trying to reach Craig’s belt.

He doesn’t understand. Craig hasn’t come – a situation that Bruno wants to change. Desperately.

“What?” he asks. “My turn Craig. Unless you don’t want me to…?” If that’s the case then this isn’t quite as mutual as Bruno thought it was.

“No,” Craig answers. “That’s not it, Bruno. Of course I want it. Want you. It’s just, well…” he smiles. “I’d rather it be somewhere else than here. Rather it be more comfortable. I’d like to take my time, if that’s okay with you?”



To Craig’s relief, the answering smile on Bruno’s face is quick and genuine.

“Si,” he breathes, rising on tiptoe to brush a kiss over Craig’s mouth – their first Craig realises with a flash of amusement – before dropping back down and swiftly doing up his trousers. “I’d like that very much,” he confirms.

“Good,” Craig murmurs, bending down to return the kiss, this one deeper and more thorough.

Bruno breaks contact sooner than Craig would like, wagging an admonishing finger. “You said somewhere else,” he grins. “So let’s go!”

Craig laughs, letting Bruno pull him out of the door, toward home.



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