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Pandora's Box - Part 1 here (including header info)

Bruno leans against the bar and pushes his hip out a little, knowing full well that Craig is watching him, can feel his gaze all the way from their booth, and he smiles a little.

He still can't really believe that this is happening. That they're here on a date. A date with Craig was something that Bruno never thought would happen. Never dared to hope.

The barman finishes making the cocktails and pushes them slowly over the bar to Bruno. Bruno pays him, picks them up carefully and heads back to the table.

Bruno slides into the booth. "I like your tee-shirt," he tells Craig. "Didn't you wear that on Maestro?"

Craig grins, accepting the drink. "I did, good eye. Didn't even know you watched it," he comments, pleased.

"Yes I did," Bruno shrugs a little. "It was... funny. Well the bit where they put you in handcuffs anyway."

Craig raises his eyebrows. "Oh yeah," he says, drawling just a bit. "It was a new experience to be on that side of it."

Bruno chokes a little on his Martini and then raises his eyes to Craig.  "Is that right?" he asks. "Well they certainly seemed to calm you down a little."

Craig nods, conceding the point. "Yeah, well it helped me gain a bit more control at least." He takes a sip of his drink which is crisp and cool. "This is nice," he comments, leaning his elbows on the table and briefly touching the back of Bruno's hand with two fingers in the guise of setting his glass down. "Thank you for coming out with me, for... giving this a chance."

It's all Bruno can do to stop himself from shivering at Craig's touch, brief though it is. "It goes both ways Craig. I... " He shakes his head. Too soon to tell Craig how he's thought about this before. "It's been a while since I've been on a date." Leaning back he smiles at Craig. "And with somebody who actually understands what I'm talking about at least part of the time."

"I could say the same." Craig leans back to his own side of the booth, out of way of temptation. Being this close to Bruno makes him think about the kiss last night, the way Bruno had tasted, the way he'd moved... Truth be told, it's all he's thought about all day and really, most of last night as well when he finally got home.

Craig hopes he gets a chance to do it again. But the middle of the bar really isn't the place. So he switches the topic back to the other thing they have in common, sharing some gossip about next season’s Strictly contestants and soon enough they're bickering amicably.


Bruno clambers into the taxi after Craig and pulls the door shut, settling down next to him. He gazes out of the window, listening to Craig give the driver his address. It's still early and the streets are busy with Londoners enjoying the heat of the summer. They say very little during the journey, which thankfully doesn't take that long and soon they're pulling up into the quiet street where Craig lives.

"Come on in," Craig says, opening the front door. He toes off his trainers and socks since it’s warm enough to be barefoot and heads straight into the kitchen to check on the food.

He'd put the fish to marinate this morning – mackerel with lime and ginger – and it should be nice and tasty by now. "You can put the wine in the fridge," he tells Bruno, who's followed him through and is leaning on the kitchen doorway. "There's another bottle there already if you want to open it, or some mineral water."

Bruno shakes his head a little at Craig. Sometimes he does wonder what it would really take to relax Craig, to stop him being quite so focussed on things. He hopes he's going to find out at some point but now, well this seems to be nervousness more than anything. It's like he's focussing on getting the food ready because now he's back in his own home, he's not quite sure what to say or do.

Toeing his own shoes and socks off, Bruno goes to put the wine away as Craig suggested. He'd like a drink, but not just yet. What he wants to do, what he's wanted to do since Craig walked into the bar looking and smelling amazing is to kiss him.

Craig is so focussed on cutting vegetables and preparing the parcels, that when there's a touch at the small of his back a minute later, he jumps slightly, turning around to find Bruno much closer than he expected. "Oh," he says.

Bruno puts his hand on Craig's back, and when Craig turns around Bruno takes the knife out of his hand and puts it on the work surface, out of the way of both of them. "So," he says, "did I tell you I'm looking forward to tonight?" He leans up and brushes his lips against Craig's cheek.

Craig's hands are dirty from the food he's been preparing, which is frustrating because he can't use them to pull Bruno closer, or bury them into his hair like he wants. Instead, he quickly turns his head, capturing Bruno's mouth with his own and turning the brief brush of lips into a proper kiss.

Bruno is surprised but more than happy to go with the programme. Sliding his hands up Craig's arms he presses closer and opens his mouth under Craig's.

God it feels good and Craig makes a noise low in his throat, instinctively angling his body until he's pressing Bruno against the kitchen counter. They both groan at the contact and Craig wants nothing more than to keep going but... "Fuck," he says, pulling away, his head hanging low and eyes closed. "I didn't mean... Uh, dinner. Needs cooking."

Bruno takes a shuddering breath as Craig pulls away, wanting to pull him back, for Craig to press him against the kitchen counter again. He hadn't thought that he would react so strongly to Craig touching him. To being kissed by him. "I think I started it,” he says. "And food... food would be good right now." He strokes his hand down Craig's arm before stepping away. "I'll pour the wine."


Craig makes quick work of the dinner preparations, and within fifteen minutes they're out on the patio, enjoying the warm evening. The gas grill is easy to light – Craig kind of misses a proper barbeque with bricks or, even better, a real camp fire, but neither of those are practical in small garden like his.

The grill takes a little while to heat up so they sit down at the table outside, the opened bottle of wine between them. Craig's little garden is sheltered and private with high walls, and it's all too easy to imagine laying Bruno down onto the small strip of grass and divesting him of his tight clothes. He bets Bruno probably wouldn't mind, the man's more than slightly exhibitionist after all.

Bruno has been to Craig's house before but it's always been in the company of others, never like this. Just the two of them. It's surprisingly easy though and Bruno can think of worst ways to spend a date.

He's finding it hard not to touch Craig though and can't stop staring at Craig's bare arms and his biceps, thinking what it would be like to feel those under his hands, to have Craig's body looming over him. Bruno shivers slightly, wondering what it might take to get himself in that position.  He doesn't think it would take much. The air is thick with tension between them and Bruno leans back in his chair, stretching his arms behind him and enjoying the way that Craig's gaze moves over him.

"I think the grill is probably hot enough now, don't you?" he says to Craig. "I don't know about you but I'm very... hungry."

Craig can feel his body tightening at Bruno's words. He knows, of course, that Bruno is a massive flirt but to have all that innuendo directed at him and to know that there is real intent behind it... Well, it's something.

"Are you now?" Craig asks, getting up and collecting the vegetable parcels from the table and walking over to the grill. They'll take longer than the fish, so he'll put them on first. "Well, let's hope what I have here satisfies your appetite." He glances at Bruno over his shoulder, grinning sharply.

Oh god, that's just... Craig's look is predatory and Bruno takes a mouthful of his wine, unable to tear his eyes away.  "Oh I don't know," he says, letting his legs fall slightly apart. "I find that sometimes it takes quite a bit to satisfy my appetite." He grins at the look on Craig's face.

Well now. Craig is feeling pretty secure that Bruno won't be disappointed in that regard, but he'll just let him find that out in due time.

A couple of quick steps and he's standing between Bruno's spread legs, deliberately leaning over him to pick up the container with the fish from the table.

"I'll keep that in mind," Craig says, voice low as he straightens up. He lets his eyes travel down Bruno's body, and yeah, those jeans really don't hide much. Craig licks his lips, before grinning again and going back to the grill.

Bruno swallows a little at the note in Craig's voice and at the way his eyes trailed up Bruno's body. Much as he wants Craig to push him up against something, and his body tightens at that thought, this – the flirting and the increasing tension between them – is fun. Bruno is having fun and he doesn't want it to stop just yet. He feels almost like a teenager again. Besides, this way he gets to check out Craig's backside and his broad shoulders as he cooks.  


The food won't take that long to be ready, most of the effort is in preparation, and before long Craig is setting everything onto the small table. It's still warm so they're eating outside, the garden lights coming on slowly as the sun dips toward the horizon.

"This is really good," Bruno compliments the food and Craig feels pleased. He doesn't have a chance to cook for other people often now, not since Martin moved out. Maybe, hopefully, that is about to change.

"Glad you like it," he says, more interested in watching Bruno eat than his own dinner.

Bruno smiles up at him.  "Si. It is nice. This..." He waves his fork around indicating the garden. "This is nice too. More than that. You know," he says, as he leans back looking at Craig. "If somebody had told me a week ago that we'd be doing this, I would not have believed it."

Bruno is hoping that dinner isn't all that they're going to be doing tonight and wants nothing more than for Craig to put his hands on him again, to kiss him.

"So..." he asks, "what's for dessert?"

Craig smirks a little, tempted to just say 'you are' but instead he answers with, "I've got some fresh berries and ice-cream if you fancy it. Coffee, cognac, more wine..." He gets up and starts piling the empty dishes. "Any requests?"

"Well now, that depends," Bruno grins.  "Is it Italian ice cream? Because that is the best. Bellissimo!” He blows a kiss.

Craig laughs openly. Bruno is incorrigible and Craig kind of loves that despite his better judgement. "Yes, it's Italian, you snob. Shall I bring you some? And then you can tell me what other things Italians do best."

"Yes please," Bruno replies stretching his arms behind him.  "And as to what Italians do best... Well, do you have all night?"

Well. That's an offer if he's ever heard one, and Craig feels something hot and heavy settle at the pit of his stomach: anticipation, desire, bone-deep satisfaction at knowing he is going to have Bruno in his bed. Tonight.

"Oh I do," he says, holding Bruno's eyes. "I've got as long as you need. As long as you want." He pauses for a few beats before picking up the empty dishes and heading back inside. "I'll just get that ice-cream," he calls over his shoulder.

Bruno shivers a little at the look in Craig's eyes. That gaze that tells him exactly what he wants to do to Bruno right now. What he's going to do to him. His mouth is dry and picking up his glass he takes a mouthful of wine, swirling it around before swallowing.

He's wondering what it will be like to touch Craig. To be able to put his hands on him and not have to stop.

Craig is back a moment or so later, and he leans in close, placing a bowl of ice-cream in front of Bruno.

The Italian ice-cream is indeed ‘bellissimo’, especially paired with some fresh British strawberries. Bruno certainly seems to be appreciating it, judging by the slightly indecent sounds he's making and the way he's licking his spoon...

Craig shifts in his chair, trying to adjust himself without being obvious about it. He's pretty sure Bruno is putting on a show on purpose and is getting some pretty explicit ideas about exactly where he'd like Bruno's mouth.

The tension between them is palpable, way beyond first date level, and Craig knows with absolute certainty how tonight is going to end. It’s something that he wouldn't usually do; sleep with someone on the first date, not when he wants there to be many more, wants this to be a beginning of something that will last, but...

This doesn't feel like a first date. There's some nervousness, sure, but no awkwardness, no careful getting-to-know-you small talk. None of that is necessary with them, not when they already know each other so well.

Bruno finishes off his ice-cream and licks his spoon clean before putting it down. He knows full well that Craig is watching him and Bruno is enjoying putting on a little show for him. From the way that Craig has been staring at him, it's obvious it's working. Bruno stifles a smile.

"I don't know about you," he tells Craig, "but I'm getting a little cold." He rubs his arms to demonstrate. "What do you say we go back inside?”

Standing up he picks up their empty bowls and his wine glass. "Well..." he asks, smiling a little at Craig. "Are you going to join me?"

"Yeah, okay," Craig agrees. He gathers the rest of their things, checks that the barbeque is properly covered to cool off, and follows Bruno in.


He puts down the empty bottle of wine on the kitchen counter, gives one look at the dirty dishes and decides that they can definitely wait until morning.

Bruno has wandered off toward the lounge and soon Craig can hear the soft strains of music, indicating he's found the stereo. Craig locks the back door, takes a deep, slow breath to calm the fluttery anticipation in his stomach, and goes to join him.

Bruno leans back onto the sofa arm and looks up as Craig walks into the room. He stands in the doorway for a moment and Bruno allows his gaze to run up and down his body. It's pretty obvious even from here that Craig is already turned on and Bruno knows exactly how that feels. He shifts slightly beginning to wish that he hadn't worn such tight jeans but then he knows how well they show off his ass. Hopefully he's not going to be wearing them much longer.

He looks up at Craig and gives him a little smile. "You should come join me," he says. "Plenty of room on this sofa for two."

"It's a big sofa," Craig agrees, "and you look damn good on it." He goes over, putting his wine glass onto the table and sitting next to Bruno, close enough that their bodies brush when Craig turns to sit sideways, one leg folded under him. He wants to be able to see Bruno's face properly, wants to be close enough to touch.

Which he does, just resting a hand on the curve of Bruno's neck, almost absently tracing the hard line of his collarbone with his little finger. "Bruno, I..." he starts, but doesn't know quite how to put to words the jumbled mess of questions and emotions swirling inside his head.

Bruno throws him a quick grin at his words but then shivers as Craig sits down next to him. He's bigger than Bruno, and his hand is warm against his skin as he touches him.

From the way Craig is looking at him, it's almost as though he's still not sure about Bruno. And that's just wrong. Bruno brings his hand up to cover Craig’s. "What, Craig?" he asks.

Craig doesn't answer at first and it's almost as though he doesn't know what to say. Bruno mentally shakes his head a little. "Craig. I thought we'd talked this out. I... I want this. Want to see where it goes. Unless you've changed your mind, that is?"

"No!" Craig takes a deep breath and forces himself to ease the grip he has on Bruno's shoulder. "No, no I haven't. I've wanted this for..." He cuts himself off and instead pulls Bruno closer, burying his head against his shoulder just for a bit, relieved and happy to hear Bruno is still with him in this, still on the same page.

Craig lets his hand trail down Bruno's arm, curving around his ribcage, fingers skimming the hem of his shirt, seeking warm skin. He moves his head enough to mouth the side of Bruno's neck, inhaling deep the crisp scent of aftershave. "Fuck," he says, the word stretching into a growl. "Want you."

Bruno squirms slightly and instinctively tips his head back to allow Craig better access. Craig's words have registered with him, and he wonders just how long Craig has wanted him, but that... well that's something that he'll think about another time. Now all he wants to do is concentrate on how it feels to have Craig touch him.

"I... want you too," he gasps, twisting to get closer to Craig, wanting to touch more.

"You can have me," Craig promises, nipping at the soft underside of Bruno's jaw and then soothing the skin with his tongue. God, he knew Bruno would be responsive, but the way he arches and moans from just the slightest touch is so much better than Craig ever imagined.

Bruno hitches closer and Craig's hands settle onto his slim hips, gripping probably harder than he should, just as their mouths press together for the third time. And this time there is no need to stop or slow down.

Bruno moans softly and slides his hands under Craig's tee-shirt, wanting to touch his skin. Needing to touch skin.  He moves closer so he's partly straddling Craig and kisses him back hungrily, pushing him back against the sofa.  

Craig wraps his arms tight around Bruno's torso, pulling him fully into his lap. He leans against the sofa, breaking the kiss momentarily to admire the view: Bruno breathing hard, hair mussed, legs spread... "Yeah," Craig breathes, "Let me..." He runs hands over Bruno's chest, skimming his fingers over the hard nubs of his nipples and watching in fascination as that makes Bruno hiss and arch.

Craig's hard under him and Bruno wants that. Wants Craig to fuck him, but he has a feeling that's not going to happen now. Thinks that they're both too turned on. Now, though he needs to feel more. To see Craig.

"Off," he tells him, tugging at Craig's tee-shirt.  "Off, Craig. I want to see you." At first he thinks that Craig is going to protest but he doesn't let him, sliding his hands under Craig's tee-shirt and pushing it up and off.

Bruno sits back for a moment and simply stares at him. Craig's lost weight recently but he looks great and Bruno leans in and presses his mouth to Craig's chest.

Craig suppresses the urge to cover himself. As a dancer he's used to having his body on show, using it like an instrument to capture and hold people's attention, to convey emotion, but like this, with a lover, he's always felt a little self-conscious at first. It's more intimate, more personal, not a practised show that he's putting on.

Bruno's mouth trailing wetly over his chest leaves no room for worry though. Craig's hands fly up to fist Bruno's hair, using it to yank him back up, eager to have those lips against his again. "You too," he pants, pleased when Bruno gets his meaning straightaway, skimming out of his own tee-shirt without hesitation.

The feeling of skin against skin is beyond good and Craig scratches his nails down Bruno's spine, luxuriating in the way it makes him arch. He's so turned on it's a little painful, which means Bruno must be even more uncomfortable. Craig settles his hands on Bruno's thighs and slides one up to cup his erection through the jeans, rubbing the heel of his hand over the hard length of his cock.

"Fuck!" Bruno jerks at the feel of Craig's hand against his cock. He's beginning to regret having worn such tight jeans and can't wait to feel Craig’s hand against bare skin.

He runs his hands up Craig's arms, enjoying the feel of skin and muscle under his fingers. "Want you so much," he tells him. "Want to see you come, to feel your hand on me when I come." Bruno leans down and captures Craig's lips with his own, kissing him again. Bruno doesn't know how long he's going to last. He's so turned on right now he doesn’t think it's going to take long for him to come.  

"Yes," Craig moans into the kiss, biting on Bruno's tongue gently when it swipes over his lips. It doesn't take him long to unbuckle Bruno's belt, but opening the buttons at his fly is easier said than done, especially with Bruno writhing and squirming in his lap. "Stay still," he tells him finally. "Fuck, these jeans are such a tease. They look fantastic on you, but aren't exactly easy to get into," he complains, half laughing and half frustrated beyond belief.

Bruno laughs and bats Craig's hands away before kneeling up.  "Appearance is more important than comfort, Craig. It's something we Italians understand." He unbuttons his jeans and starts to push his jeans down.  

"Do you want me to take them off fully?" he asks.

Craig eyes Bruno hungrily. "Unless you want to come all over them in the next ten minutes then yes, I suggest you do that," he tells him, fingers already curling into the open vee of his fly.

And that's just... "Gods." Bruno pushes himself up and off the sofa, shucking his jeans off quickly. He drops them on the floor and then moves back so that he's straddling Craig's lap again, the denim of Craig's jeans rubbing against his naked flesh.

That's much better. Bruno is wearing tight white briefs which leave very little to the imagination. Craig rubs his thumb over the damp spot at the front, his mouth watering at the sight. "Gorgeous," he tells Bruno, whose eyes have gone dark and heavy-lidded. Craig can't wait one second longer and he pushes Bruno's underwear down, pulling out his cock.

Bruno's hips jerk as Craig curls his fingers around him.  "Fuck... fuck, Craig."  His hands grip at Craig's upper arms as Craig strokes him and he rests his head on Craig's shoulder.

 "Later," Craig promises, because yes, he absolutely wants to fuck Bruno but right now he doesn't think either of them would last long enough for that. Bruno's cock is hard and leaking in his hand as he jerks him off, experimenting with pace and grip, learning what works for him the best. "Want to take you apart," he whispers against Bruno's ear.

Bruno's body tightens at that promise and he can't wait for when Craig does fuck him. But this, even though it is good feeling Craig touch him, it isn't quite right. He wants Craig to come apart as well, wants to see him come, for this to be a shared experience, not just about him. "Stop, Craig. Stop for a moment," he says putting his hand on Craig's wrist.   

Craig freezes as though he's done something wrong. "Not just me," Bruno tells him, pushing his hand into Craig's jeans. "Want you to come as well.” He pulls Craig's cock out and wraps his own fingers around the hard length, enjoying the way that Craig's breath catches at his touch.  He rubs his thumb over the leaking head and then brings his finger to his mouth to lick it clean. He can't wait for when he can suck Craig off, it's one of his favourite things to do but not now. "Want you to jerk us both off," he says. "Want us to come together.”

Craig is less concerned about himself at the moment, all of his focus on Bruno, but the open lust in Bruno’s eyes when he licks Craig's precome off his fingers is more than enough to convince him. He pulls Bruno down for a kiss, tasting himself. He wraps a hand around both of their cocks, slippery with precome, and the friction is incredible.

Bruno is moaning, shamelessly fucking himself into Craig's grip and every single nerve-ending in Craig's body is singing with attention. The world spirals down to the heated slide of skin against skin, the kiss turning desperate and frantic, Bruno's nails digging deep into the skin of Craig's arms, but the pain only serves to sharpen the pleasure.

"Fuck, Craig, Craig, I'm going to..." Bruno's voice is wrecked, his accent even stronger than usual.

"Yeah, c'mon, darlin'," Craig urges him, twisting his hand just so on the upstroke and watching as Bruno's mouth falls open, his hips snapping forward as he shudders through his orgasm, spilling wetly between their bodies.


It feels so good, Craig's hand on him jerking him off and Bruno can feel himself tightening up and then Craig calls him darlin’ as he twists his hand and Bruno can't stop himself. The orgasm hits and for a moment his vision whites out. He drops his head and hangs on tight to Craig, shuddering through the aftermath of his orgasm.

Craig holds him still and then a moment later Bruno is lifted and pushed onto his back on the sofa, Craig leaning over him.

"My turn," Craig tells him and leans down to kiss him.

Bruno pushes up against him, enjoying the rough feeling of Craig's jeans against his hypersensitive skin as Craig ruts against his hip. "Come on," he gasps, digging his nails into Craig's shoulders. "Use me. Please... please, Craig. Want you to come on me."  

"Fuck, Bruno," Craig grasps out moving harder against him. "Gonna... oh yeah," he tips his head back as his movements get more erratic and then he's coming over Bruno's skin before slumping down heavily on top of him. Bruno closes his eyes and hangs on, arms going around Craig's back.

They lie like that for a couple of minutes, the room growing more shadowed around them, Bruno's hand rubbing lazy circles into Craig's back. It feels wonderful, not just because of the sex although that was pretty spectacular and Craig can't wait to do it again, but just... having Bruno here with him, it makes Craig feel... happy.

He lifts himself up on his elbows and finds Bruno smiling up at him. "Hey," Craig says, leaning down to give him what is meant to be a quick kiss, but which turns long and sweet instead, their tongues sliding together softly. "Stay the night?" he asks quietly, when they finally pull apart.

Bruno stares up at him and then he lifts his hand and brushes Craig's hair back from his forehead. He smiles. This is something he's wanted for a while. The whole evening has been everything he's wanted and for Craig to ask him to stay makes him feel warm inside.

"I'd like that," he says. "Very much. But... you might need to get up at some point." He wriggles slightly under Craig and spreads his legs more so Craig can settle more easily between them. Craig is heavy but not in a bad way, Bruno quite likes having him lying on him like this.

"Yeah," Craig sighs. He doesn't really want to get up but Bruno is right. They're too old to sleep half-naked on the sofa. "Okay, c'mon before we stick together even more." He drops another kiss onto Bruno's lips, delighting in how he can just do that now, before heaving himself up.

They look kind of ridiculous, come smeared everywhere and dicks hanging out, and Craig can't help but laugh as he pulls Bruno up from the sofa. "Shower," he says. "There are towels in the bathroom so help yourself. I'm just going to lock up." He pushes Bruno in the direction of the stairs with a little smack on his arse, unable to help the grin that's taken up permanent residence on his face. "Go warm up the bed for me."


It's pretty obvious from the bed which side Craig sleeps on and Bruno slips underneath the covers.  He still can't actually believe that he's here like this. That they're doing this.

He stretches his arms behind him and wriggles slightly, enjoying the feel of cool cotton against his bare skin. Bruno is feeling relaxed and all he wants to do is wrap himself around Craig and go to sleep. Craig should be out of the shower shortly and Bruno smiles and traces his finger over his lip where Craig bit down earlier. Liking the way it feels.

Craig pulls on the tee-shirt and boxers he usually sleeps in, giving his hair one more rub with the towel before flicking off the bathroom lights. He's tired now, a pleasant exhaustion weighing him down. Sex is better than any sleeping pills and couple that with the wine and the emotion of the last twenty-four hours... It's no wonder, really.

What is a wonder though, and one he'll never stop being grateful for, is to walk into his bedroom and find Bruno waiting for him in his bed. Craig turns off the light there as well and makes his way to the bed in the dark, sliding under the covers, his seeking hands finding warm bare skin.

Wordlessly they press close, legs tangling under the covers, Craig's arm slipping around Bruno's waist. Sleep comes swiftly, gently pulling them both under.


Bruno shifts slightly and opens his eyes. He's been awake for a while now, simply luxuriating in the warmth of Craig next to him. Craig; who is still fast asleep, his head on Bruno's chest, arm wrapped around him. Bruno smiles and strokes his hand carefully over Craig's hair, enjoying the freedom to do so.

It's been a while since he woke up next to anybody, particularly anybody that he really liked, and he never thought he might end up here; in Craig's bed with Craig... who is wearing clothes! There's something very wrong with that picture and Bruno, who's never been shy, finds it a little endearing that Craig is.

He has known for years how he feels about Craig, but then Craig got together with Martin and Bruno is not in the habit of splitting up people's relationships. This year has been hard; watching Craig deal with the aftermath of the break-up, watching him lose confidence in himself and put on weight, and it had hurt to not be able to help him. It's been so difficult to not be allowed to reach out and touch, to hug him, to wrap his arms around him.

Craig makes a little sound and Bruno moves his hand, stroking it over Craig's shoulders and down his back. He wants to touch skin, wants to see Craig lose control again like he did last night. Can't wait for Craig to fuck him into the bed, but he also doesn't want him to wake up right now. Is enjoying this, the feeling of just being with him and Bruno wants that to continue. He slips his hand under Craig's tee-shirt and rests it there on his back, feeling the warmth of Craig's skin against his own.

"Cucciola mio," he whispers. "Il mio cuore è solo tuo."  

"I don't speak Italian," Craig's voice is low. He tips up his head enough to be able to see Bruno's face. His expression is caught somewhere between pleased and sheepish and it's obvious that he hadn't expected Craig to be awake or meant him to hear what he'd said.

"Morning," Craig says, tightening his arm around Bruno. He's not going to demand a translation right now. Bruno's tone had conveyed enough of the meaning and Craig hopes that he'll feel able to tell him in English soon whatever it was that he'd whispered in Italian.

"You're still here," Craig observes, with a note of wonder. Bruno starts to frown and Craig hastens to explain: "No, I didn't mean... I didn't think you'd leave without saying. Just... I almost can't believe that this, us, actually happened." He glances down, a little self-conscious, but doesn't relinquish his hold on Bruno.

"I'm still here," Bruno tells him softly, tracing his fingers over the base of Craig's spine. "And it did happen, although I would like to point out I don't normally put out on first dates. I'm not that kind of boy," he smiles at Craig. "You know there is something wrong with this picture. Here I am naked in your bed and you... you are still wearing clothes. This is not right, amico mio. And..." he tugs slightly at Craig's tee-shirt. "Also there is something I should point out to you if this is to go any further. I like kissing in the morning."

Craig can take a hint, especially since Bruno isn't being exactly subtle. "That's a happy coincidence then," he says, grinning as he hitches himself up on one elbow, cupping Bruno's jaw with one hand and tilting his head until the angle is just right. "Me too."

Kissing Bruno is no less amazing than it was last night. Craig swipes his tongue over Bruno's lower lip, seeking entrance and deepening the kiss when Bruno grants it, morning breath be damned. Bruno is indeed naked next to him and Craig drags his leg up and down Bruno's, enjoying the feel of warm skin and the way Bruno's breath catches when Craig's knee brushes against his groin.

Bruno moans against Craig's mouth, pushing up against him and welcoming the feel of his body against Bruno's. He traces his hands up Craig's back, lightly scratching at the warm skin and enjoying the way that Craig shivers slightly at the action.  And god, he's hard and he wants Craig so much right now. He spreads his legs and tugs at Craig's tee-shirt, trying to indicate to him that he should remove it.

Craig fights his body's automatic reaction to tense and push Bruno's hands off his clothes, telling himself to stop being ridiculous. Bruno's already seen him more or less naked, and objectively Craig knows he's got nothing to feel insecure about. But knowing and feeling aren't the same thing and the rapid weight gain and loss over the last year has left him a little self-conscious about his body, like he's mental self-image isn't quite aligned with his actual physical appearance.

Bruno is determined though, and sneaky. Having already caught onto how much Craig enjoyed the feel of his nails scraping over his skin, he scratches lightly up Craig's back with both hands; a long smooth movement from the small of his back to the top of his spine. It makes Craig arch, his mouth falling open in a low moan, while also conveniently rucking up his shirt so when Bruno pulls it over his head Craig is too turned on to resist and lets him drag it off all the way.

"Gorgeous. So gorgeous," Bruno mutters.  Craig is tense though and that... that is wrong. He should be relaxed right now, should be touching Bruno and wanting Bruno to touch him.  "Craig," Bruno pushes himself up and presses his mouth to Craig's chest. "Want to touch you."  He strokes his hands over Craig's chest. "You are so hot Craig and... I want you to fuck me. To feel you inside me. Please."  He looks up at him waiting to see what his response is.

Craig exhales shakily, closing his eyes tightly for a few seconds, having to focus hard on not coming then and there. "Jesus," he breathes, "God, yes. You sure?" he asks, even though everything from Bruno's dark eyes to his spread legs tells him just how serious his request is.

Bruno nods.  "Yes I am sure. I have... I have thought about this before." Craig's eyes go dark with lust at the words and Bruno gasps at the look of pure predatory want on his face. "Unless... unless you want something else?" Maybe Craig does, maybe he would like Bruno to go down on him. Bruno has no argument with that, has thought about that as well but really all he wants right now is to have Craig covering him and fucking him.

"I want everything," Craig says before fisting his hand in Bruno's hair and crashing their mouths together in a bruising kiss. Underneath him, Bruno moans and writhes, his cock dragging wetly against Craig's hip.

They kiss for what feels like eternity until Craig finally pulls off, kneeling on the bed to toss off the covers so he can look at Bruno properly. "Fuck," he breathes at the sight, licking his lips. God, he's wanted this for so long, he plans on taking his time, enjoying every second and seeing just how many kinds of moans and curses and bitten off Italian words he can wring out of Bruno. "Stay there," he says, getting up just long enough to get the lube and condoms out of the bedside drawer and shuck out of his boxers – all body-consciousness forgotten – before coming back to the bed and kneeling next to Bruno once more.

Bruno reaches out his hand and strokes it down Craig’s arm; the look in Craig’s eyes is suddenly making him a little nervous. There's no going back from this now. Not once he lets Craig fuck him. He swallows and runs his tongue over his bottom lip.  

Craig is still, watching him almost as though he's giving Bruno the chance to change his mind and that's just... wrong. He doesn’t want Craig to realise he’s nervous, doesn’t want him to think that Bruno doesn’t want this.

“Want you," his words break through the silence of the room. “Want you, Craig." Bruno pushes up from the bed and kisses him fiercely before he settles back down, leaning back on his elbows. “Come on then." he says. "Show me what you've got. Want you to fuck me open Craig, make me forget everything but you. Can you do that?"  It’s a challenge but Bruno doesn't care and he grins at the look that comes over Craig’s face at his words. He leans back and spreads his legs even further. "I’m all yours."

Bruno's words are deliberately provocative and Craig narrows his eyes, every muscle in his body going tight with tension. When Bruno says 'yours' everything whites out for three heartbeats and all Craig can hear is his blood roaring in his ears, thrumming a steady rhythm of 'mine, take, mine'. He wants to do just that, what Bruno asked for: to press him to the bed and fuck him hard until he forgets even his own name, and certainly every other guy who's ever touched him, but...

Something stops him. Craig looks down, laying a hand over Bruno's chest, just over his heart, and he sees the way his eyelids stutter, the way he goes lax against the mattress. "Yeah," Craig says, stroking a hand over Bruno's chest and belly, down to his thighs, but avoiding his cock for now. "I'll do that."

He shifts until he's kneeling between Bruno's spread legs, looking his fill but keeping at least one hand on Bruno at all times. "But we're not in any hurry, are we." It's more of an observation than a question. Craig thinks that hard and fast – fantastic as it would be – is the way Bruno wants this but for the wrong reasons. He's nervous, Craig can see that – and hell, so is he – and a quick passionate fuck would be the easy option.

Craig doesn't want easy. He wants to see what Bruno really is like when you strip off all that brash confidence and the constant flirting, what he'll look like when there's nothing left but want and need – and love, Craig's heart supplies but he pushes that thought down for now, too early, much, much too early – the way he sounds at the point of breaking. Craig wants all of that and he wants it to be something he worked for, something he deserves.

"Let’s just... take our time, yeah?" he says, digging in his thumbs into Bruno's calves and massaging the muscles deeply. Bruno moans in surprise and Craig does it again, working his way up to Bruno's thighs. "I'll get you there," he promises, voice gruff.

Bruno groans as Craig's hands slide up his legs and onto his chest.  It's not what he's expecting but it seems as though Craig wants to take his time and Bruno isn't going to complain.

Craig moves up his body, pressing Bruno into the bed and they kiss for a while. Bruno’s fingers are digging into Craig’s broad shoulders and his mouth is open under the assault of Craig’s lips and then… then Craig breaks away and Bruno makes a disappointed sound.

"Gonna take you apart," Craig whispers trailing wet open mouthed kisses down his chest and  stomach, his hands splayed out on Bruno's hips holding him still.

"Waited too long for this. Nice and slow, Bruno. I'm not hurrying this." Bruno shivers as Craig kneels back between his legs before grabbing a pillow. "Lift up," he tells him sliding it under Bruno's backside as he obeys Craig's request.

"Gorgeous," he whispers skimming his hand over Bruno's flat stomach. "Just gorgeous."

Bruno could say the same about Craig. He's broader than Bruno, taller and has biceps that Bruno just wants to grip. His cock is large and uncut and Bruno can't wait to feel it inside him. Knows he's going to be stretched out wide and full.  He's always been a bit of a size queen and Craig is everything he hoped for.

He reaches out his hand to touch but Craig bats it away. "Greedy," he says. "Gonna get you good and ready for me first. Want you open and wet, begging for me to fuck you. You want that, Bruno?" he growls eyes dark and heavy as he stares at him.

Bruno swallows and nods. The tension is thick between them now but he's calming, nervous still but in a completely different way. He watches as Craig uncaps the lube and starts to coat his fingers with it, and Bruno is so hard right now, so ready to go that it hurts.

Craig rubs the lube onto his fingers, warming it up. He feels a little like he's standing on a precipice; part of him is eager to jump off and fly, but another part of him just wants to stay here, to prolong the moment of anticipation and to enjoy the scenery.

He's wanted this moment for a long time. And now that he's here... the view certainly is something to admire. Bruno is splayed across his sheets like an offering to some pagan god, his cock jutting up, making Craig's mouth water.

"C'mon, what are you waiting for? An engraved invitation?" Bruno says, bending his legs. "Because I can do that, if you want. Just get me ahhhh goddd."

Whatever he was going to say, is forgotten as Craig rubs his slick fingers over Bruno's opening, watching in fascination as his face goes slack with pleasure and his legs fall open even more.

Fuck, Craig could do just this for hours, get lost in the smooth slide of skin against skin, the restless shifting of Bruno's hips, the way he shamelessly hooks an arm around his knee to spread himself wider, trying to get more, harder.

Yes, Craig could definitely keep doing just this and nothing else, until Bruno was panting and moaning and yes, begging for it, just like he is now.

"Hmm?" Craig makes a questioning hum, leaning down to scrape his teeth over Bruno's hip bone. There had been something like words between the deep groans of pleasure, mangled and broken and definitely not English.

"Something you want?" Craig asks. The question is light, teasing, but he's too turned on, too... focussed, steeped in the moment, in this world of just the two of them, that it comes out gruff and intense.

"Tell me," he demands, mouth hovering just inches from Bruno's leaking cock. Craig crooks his index finger just enough to press the tip of it inside. "Tell me."

 “Fuck…” Bruno gasps, dropping his head back, fingers grasping at the sheet beneath him.

He doesn’t know what he wants right now, doesn’t know if he wants Craig to just take him or whether to continue with this slow inexorable build up. The way Craig’s lubed fingers feel against his hole is sending shivers through him. He whines as Craig pushes the tip of his finger inside him, moving it slowing around but not pushing it in any further.

“You need to tell me, Bruno. Until you do I’m just going to continue doing this, just going to continue to rub my fingers against you and nothing more.”

And fuck that’s just… “Craig, please,” he begs voice breaking on the words.  “Please, please. Want you to fuck me. Want your fingers inside me, stretching me out.”

Craig makes a strangled noise and then before Bruno even really knows what’s happening, Craig has pushed his finger fully inside him and swallowed down his cock to the root.  

Dio,” Bruno moans, hips automatically jerking before he can stop himself. Craig places his free hand on Bruno’s hip, holding him down as he slowly starts to move his mouth up and down Bruno’s cock.  Everything is focussed on that, on the feeling of Craig’s finger inside him, his cock inside Craig’s mouth and Bruno’s not really sure any more where he ends and Craig begins. It feels amazing, been such a long time since he’s done this with anybody he cares about and Bruno lifts his head up from the bed, wanting to see this.

Craig keeps his mouth soft, lightly rubbing his tongue over the head of Bruno's cock on each upstroke. It's enough to keep him hard and wanting, but that's all. As much as Craig loves the feel of Bruno's cock in his mouth, the heavy hot weight of it and the slightly bitter salty taste of precome, he doesn't want Bruno to come yet.

He adds another finger and then a third, quicker than is perhaps strictly comfortable, but Bruno isn't objecting, instead bearing down, and fucking himself on Craig's fingers and into his mouth.

Craig's own cock is leaking freely and he resists the urge to just rub himself off against the bed sheets. Bruno is running at the mouth, a steady mix of Italian and English, most of it making no sense except for Craig's name and an occasional 'please' both of which cause a flare of possessiveness to burn inside his chest.

He slows down to a pace that is agonising for both of them, in the best possible way, matching the push of his fingers and slide of his mouth into a perfect rhythm; a steady, relentless drag that is making Bruno's breath catch and stutter.

Craig keeps it up for as long as he can stand it, which is probably twice as long as Bruno's patience, judging by the almost continuous whining noise he's making. With a final lick Craig lifts his head, pulling his mouth off Bruno's cock and kneeling back up. Deliberately, he wraps his fingers around the base of Bruno's cock, pressing down on the underside hard, to stop him from coming while at the same time he crooks up all three of his fingers and rubs them against Bruno's prostate, which he has been avoiding until now.

Bruno's reaction is instantaneous and deeply gratifying.

The press of Craig’s fingers against his prostate sends shocks of pleasure up his spine and Bruno can’t help himself from arching up from the bed, his mouth opening in a long drawn out moan.  If it weren’t for the fact that Craig had wrapped his fingers around Bruno’s cock he knows that he would have been coming right now.

“Craig…Craig,” he’s begging but not sure what for. Not sure if he wants him to continue pushing his fingers inside him or to stop.  Craig’s eyes are dark as he stares at him and Bruno can’t stop himself from touching, running his hands up and down Craig’s arms, feeling the way his muscles tense under him.

Craig tilts his head a little and smiles at Bruno, rubbing his fingers against Bruno’s prostate again, causing Bruno to push against his fingers. “Need more,” Bruno begs.  “Craig please, please.  Need you to fuck me. Now.”

His voice is sharp now, commanding and Craig chuckles a little.  “Bossy, aren’t you?” he says. “But yeah I think you need to be fucked.  Need me filling you up and taking you. Hmm?”

He doesn’t wait for a response, instead tightening his fingers around Bruno’s cock as he slides the fingers of his other hand out. Bruno whines, feeling empty but he watches as Craig wipes his fingers clean and then takes a condom out.  “Gonna fuck you so hard,” Craig says, voice low and rasping. He carefully slides the condom over his cock and slicks himself up.

They both groan as Craig pushes in, all the way to the hilt. He's spent so long stretching Bruno that there is very little resistance.

Craig bites his own lip, hard, struggling not to move for a few seconds while he gets himself under control. It takes a few seconds of slow breathing, his head hanging low and muscles trembling as he holds himself up above Bruno, until he's feeling together enough not to just come immediately from the heat and pressure of being inside Bruno, from the sheer enormity of what they're doing.

"Oh god, move, please, please, move!" Bruno pants, his hands grappling for purchase on Craig's shoulders. He's hooked one leg over Craig's back, hips lifting up desperately as he tries to urge Craig on.

Craig licks his lips, tasting salt, and then he moves; a long slow pull out and an even slower push back in. Sweat pricks up all over his body and he has to severely cut down his estimation of how long he can keep this up. Bruno is tight and hot around him, and when Craig bends down to kiss him he sucks on his tongue, greedy and obscene.

"Fuck, you slut," Craig curses and his hips jerk hard of their own volition, until he gains a modicum of control again. "Yeah, you want it like that?" he asks, sitting back on his haunches and hauling Bruno's ass over his lap, hooking his arms under his knees until he has the perfect leverage to just drive into him, again and again, his cock pounding against Bruno's prostate at every stroke, pleasure sparking all over, bright and all-consuming.

It’s an uncomfortable position, upper back and shoulders aching but Bruno doesn’t care. This is what he’s been wanting for so long, stretched out and full as Craig fucks hard into him.  He can’t stop touching him running his hands up Craig’s arms and over his chest.  Seeing Craig like this, even now trying to control himself as he fucks Bruno is almost too much for him. Bruno tightens his muscles around Craig’s cock, smiling as Craig curses.

He knows he’s not going to last long especially with the way Craig is hitting his prostate.  “Craig…” he grips his arms. “Craig, I’m gonna… I need to come.  Please.”

“Come on then,” Craig grits out. “Come for me, want to see you.”

He pushes his hand between their bodies and wraps it tightly around Bruno’s cock, stroking with intent.  Bruno’s hip jerks up at the touch and he can’t stop himself from moaning. There’s no way to delay the inevitable any longer; Craig wants him to come, right now, and Bruno can do nothing but gasp for breath as his orgasm hits him and for a moment his vision blacks out as he spills over Craig’s fingers.

Fuck,” Craig exhales as Bruno tightens around him, his whole body shuddering. It’s the sight of Bruno’s face, lax with pleasure, his mouth open and eyes dark slits, that finally pushes Craig over.  He presses Bruno to the bed, leaning over and biting down hard on Bruno’s shoulder as his own release crashes over him.  


Bruno closes his eyes and wraps his arms loosely around Craig's back, just enjoying the afterglow and the closeness between them. He wriggles slightly, spreading his legs a little more and Craig makes a soft sound of complaint, almost as though he doesn't want Bruno to move now he's got him here.

He strokes his hand softly over Craig's back, enjoying the feel of the muscles. Craig is sweaty and hot, his body lax and heavy and Bruno likes this, Craig covering him so completely, pressing him down into the bed. Craig mutters something and brushes his lips against Bruno's neck, licking at the skin there. Bruno shivers, still not believing that they've got here.

He stretches his feet, pointing them toward the end of the bed knowing that he's going to feel just how hard Craig fucked him as soon as he tries to get up.

Craig is still mouthing at his throat and Bruno opens his eyes. "You know," he says softly, "I would very much like to lie here for hours but I have a feeling we may need to get up shortly. If for nothing else than that I will shortly need to breathe."

“Breathing is over-rated,” Craig mutters, reluctantly rolling off to the side, his spent cock slipping out easily. He’s not ready to relinquish all contact yet though and drapes an arm around Bruno’s stomach, heedless of the stickiness lying there, and tucks him close.

It’s warm and comfortable and Craig is ready to fall back asleep, feeling happy and relaxed in a way he hasn’t for a long time. The blissful quiet lasts for maybe five minutes before Bruno starts shifting around, his hand on Craig’s shoulder going from stroking to prodding.

“What?” Craig grumbles, although he can’t keep the smile from his voice. “Should’ve known you’d be annoyingly energetic after sex. Just how hard do I have to fuck you to keep you quiet for longer?”

Bruno laughs a little. "Pretty hard," he answers. "And I'm not averse to a second round, but I need food and coffee first. That is unless you want me to lie here and do nothing and let you do all the work. And where is the fun in that?" He runs his hand over Craig's hip, luxuriating in the fact that he can do this now. That he can touch as much as he wants and nobody can say anything about it. Nobody but Craig that is. He trails his fingers lightly over Craig's hip to his ass and then he smacks him. "Come on. Get up and I'll see what I can do with what you have in your kitchen."

Craig sighs a little and removes his arm from Bruno's stomach as he sits up. "Typical Italian," he mutters. "It's all coffee, food, sex and wine with you." He runs his hand through his hair and smiles down at Bruno.

"You forgot fashion and football," Bruno adds as his fingers stroke over Craig's chest, twisting softly in his chest hair. "But at the moment it's coffee and food that I want. And then," he sits up wincing slightly at the ache in his backside, "well then if you like I'll go down on my knees again and suck you off." He stands up, "but you have to get up first."

Craig blinks at the offer, and Bruno, grinning easily at Craig over his shoulder as he pulls on his underwear. “Well, when you put it like that...” Craig gets up, stretching.

“Yes?” Bruno asks, his gaze trailing down Craig’s body, open and full of honest appreciation.

“Yes,” Craig confirms, snagging Bruno by the hips and pulling him in for a kiss. “Yes to everything.”


Epilogue: Three months later

“C’mon, oopsa daisy, into the cab,” Craig says, biting back on the laugh as he pours a very tipsy – veering on downright hammered – Bruno into the idling taxi. London cab drivers have seen worse than a couple of merry TV celebrities and theirs doesn’t even blink, just nods as Craig gives him his address and pulls smoothly into the traffic.

It’s the opening night of the new season of Strictly Come Dancing and they’ve both had a few glasses of wine – Bruno admittedly quite a few more than Craig. He’s listing a fair bit, leaning heavily on Craig’s shoulder. He suspects though that Bruno’s behaviour has less to do with the alcohol and more to do with an attempt to get his hands under Craig’s suit jacket.

"I am drunk," Bruno pokes Craig, "very, very drunk and it's all... your fault." He grins up at Craig from where he's leaning on him.

Craig laughs and catches his fingers.  "Is that right, and how is it my fault?"

"Because," Bruno tells him, not quite sure now how it is Craig's fault other than the fact that he's sure Craig kept filling up his glass of wine. Or at least every time he looked at his glass it seemed to be fuller. He likes that they're going back to Craig's, likes that Craig is the one holding him up right now no matter how drunk he is. Something he's not been used to for a while.

Bruno pulls his fingers away from Craig and slides his hand under his jacket, pressing it against his chest. "You smell nice," he tells him. "Nice aftershave." He leans in closer. If they weren't in a cab he'd be climbing Craig by now but even he's not quite that drunk. "I had fun tonight," he tells him solemnly. "Fun with you."

“Good,” Craig says, warmth curling his chest at Bruno’s words. “I’m glad. And so did I.” The last three months have been wonderful; fun definitely, but more than that too. Craig feels... settled and happy, and lucky, so goddamn lucky to have this unexpected, brilliant thing in his life, this brilliant man, his friend, and more than that now.

They sit in silence for the rest of the way and by the time the taxi pulls in front of Craig’s house, he’s sure Bruno has fallen asleep. However, his eyes are wide open and alert when he follows Craig out of the car and up the steps.

Craig is digging for his keys when the a pair of arms snaking around his waist makes him jump, Bruno’s fingers tapping against his belt buckle restlessly. “Oh hello,” Craig says. “I thought you were ‘very, very drunk’?”

"Never too drunk for some fun," Bruno grins and pushes Craig inside the house, twisting him as he closes the door and pushing him against it. He plasters his body against Craig's, hands stroking over his chest. "Never too drunk for you."

“Well, nothing wrong with being drunk,” Craig says, framing Bruno’s face with his hands and swiping his tongue over his lips, tasting wine. “After all, it got us here.”


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